Thursday, 22 August 2013

Patriotism does more harm than Good

“I can happily lay down my life for my motherland. Doing this would give me tremendous honour and dignity.” “The welfare of my motherland, gives me endless pride, and that’s what my motive is.” Just imagine a person, saying these words in today’s era, where life sprints ahead at the highest possible pace. The reply in today’s era for the above mentioned quotes would have more or less the same meaning, with most of the replies likely to be, “Hello, why don’t you consult a renowned psychiatrist.” Other typical replies are likely to be, “I guess its high time for you to start reading comics, and take things lightly,” The replies to the initial quotes very much provide my answer to the concerned question that Patriotism does more harm than good? I stringently believe that patriotism does more harm than good.

In uncomplicated terms, patriotism basically means being highly attached to your homeland, and its traditions. The uncomplicated definition of patriotism however, seems to be taken for a toss. The factors that cause me to take a drastic stance against patriotism are several. A significant factor is that the so called “acts of patriotism” have often been the reason, behind the disruptions of several lives. This has atleast been the case with the world’s purported “LARGEST DEMOCRACY”. Several political parties, in order to hog the limelight, take irrational decisions, on the basis of patriotism, that severely deter lives of quite a lot of citizens.

Just consider a situation, where a film, a majestic piece of art, is banned, or its sets are vandalised, as it is branded as “UNPATRIOTIC”. Sadly, this has been the case with several Asian nations, where films have faced an ‘EMBARGO’ just on the judgment that they clash with the nation’s patriotic values and the age-old traditions. A film is usually an independent piece of art, where artists toil hard daily, to entertain the audiences. But, patriotic values often cause the film to be banned from being showcased in several cinemas. By committing such a horrendous act, the nation often has to miss out on the revenues that it could have generated and the possible profits for cinema owners. But the one group that suffers the most is that of the audience, who miss out on the fun that they could get.

The films have just been a common issue. There are tons of issues that arise from the so called acts of patriotism. On the basis of patriotism, a political party in the central region of India, vandalised an undergarments shop as they thought that the posters and hoardings in the shop defied Indian Culture, and were “unpatriotic”. The political party workers and unions even termed the shop owner as “ANTI INDIAN” and “LEWD”.

However, it was absolutely “PATRIOTIC” for a leader of the very same political party, to watch PORNOGRAPHY in the Assembly session and give himself some cheap thrills. The so called act of “PATRIOTISM” of the same political party just didn’t end there. The workers, of the same political party, that vandalised the undergarments shop, were also caught by the police for charges of molesting an American woman. That was very “PATRIOTIC”, wasn’t it?
The social issue of patriotism has even cramped up endless lives. In democratic nations, the actions of several individuals have to face the ire of a few political parties, who instantly term them as “UNPATRIOTIC” and try to deter those actions. So my question is: “HOW CAN WE SAY THAT A NATION IS DEMOCRATIC, IF THERE IS NO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION?” The answer very much lies in the question. It’s the act of patriotism, which clashes with the actions of the common man, to literally deprive them of DEMOCRACY.

It is more often than not, due to patriotism that numerous developing nations are incompetent across the globe. The acts of patriotism, of a few individuals, time and again disrupt the economic activities within a nation. As a result, the analysts of several reputed MNC’s do not consider that nation to have the optimum business environment, and therefore, the nation loses out on the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). This further has dire consequences, on the nation’s economic indicators such as the GDP, Balance of Payment, Exchange Rate.

It has been the sole courtesy of patriotism, that several nations have adopted a “REGRESSIVE” stance.  This regressive stance has thereby resulted in the severe downturn of the nation.

Patriotism has become a meaningless ten letter word in this era, as several distinct members of the society have alienated the term from its meaning. The true patriotism lies in ensuring that the nation as a whole prospers and achieves great heights of success. But the most significant objective of politicians these days is to inflate their appetite for black money, and to accomplish this objective, they often indulge in mammoth levels of corruption, such as endless scams. This surely isn’t patriotic by any possible means.

Patriotism has been the antagonist behind spoiling the foreign relations between scores of nations. The patriotism within a nation, is more like the ego within a person. Its often the ego, that destroys the person. Similarly, clashing patriotic values are like those egos, that destroy the harmony attained within a nation.

However, I do feel that the act of patriotism done has its pros as well, but only to a certain extent. The degree to which the theory of Patriotism is practiced, should not be breached beyond a certain limit. However, in this modern era, breaching limits has become an increasingly common issue. Thereby, to conclude, I adamantly believe that PATRIOTISM INDEED DOES MORE HARM THAN GOOD.


  1. Not exactly Patriotism. But it's the pseudo-patriots,who bend the meaning of that term in convenience of their political agenda.They are the ones to be blamed!

  2. Good writing..just one thought try and use more current happenings across the globe!!!!!!

  3. Good one...liked the way you used real examples to display your point..
    Nice write..:)

  4. Hello... I've nominated you for a liebster award... It'd be good if you accept it :)

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