Thursday, 16 January 2014

Movie Review - Dedh Ishqiya



“So sir, you will spare these rascals?” “What will the Batman do if the Jokers are dead?” comes the reply. The jokers in this case are the lovable rascals, Babban (Warsi) and Khalu (Naseer); who reprise their roles from the first installment of the series. The self acknowledged Batman in this case is the danger but the funny man, Mushtaq (Salman Shahid). Dedh Ishqiya is a movie filled with witty one -liners like, the quote mentioned earlier. Ishqiya was a well crafted film with the two male leads along with Vidya Balan entertaining the audience. To everyone’s delight, Dedh Ishqiya is a notch ahead than its predecessor, in terms of the entertainment and the glamour factor.

The plot of the film is about the Begum trying to find a suitable and a charming poet husband, as per the last wish of the late Nawab. To do so, she keeps an annual function or a “mushaira”, and then chooses the best poet, the poet who charms her and wins her heart. To catch up with some fond memories of past, Khalu, posing as another Nawab enters the mushaira, only to allure the Begum. In Khalu’s stay at the palace, Babban posing as Khalu’s butler tries his luck in fascinating Muniya (Huma Qureshi), a close aid to the Begum. But a lot of positives eventually attract negativity! To second this statement, Jaan Mohammad Khan (Vijay Raaz), a local MLA too tries to win the Begum over, but with dire methods and ways. What follows ahead in the mushaira and Khalu’s stay in the palace forms the major crux of the first half. The second half though is a tale about deception and lies, and how people unknowingly become involved in a web of deceit. The climax is simply jaw-dropping and blinking an eye even for a second may seem as a crime. The climax scene is superbly executed, with the photography work being terrific.

Much hyped as Madhuri Dixit’s comeback film; Dedh Ishqiya doesn’t disappoint a bit and the comeback girl is as charming as ever. Playing the Begum of Mahmudabad, Begum Para (Dixit) wins every heart. Her heart warming shayaris and her delightful touch to Urdu are more than enough to get a smile on one’s face. Why just the shayaris? Her tadka to the classical dance numbers too is worth appreciating. The way she dances like a Goddess, with complete grace and with effortless ease puts all the viewers in a state of exultation. After seeing her dances and the corresponding expressions, only one question hovers around in my mind, how can someone dance with such ease and grace? Throughout the film, Dixit as the Begum is mesmerizing and intimidating to say the least.

The two male leads, Warsi and Shah are flawless as ever. Shah almost succeeds in achieving his ambition, only to be left heartbroken. Shah as the elderly but witty Khalu is sensational, and along with Warsi, forms a formidable duo of friends, thieves, or whatever you call it. Warsi’s comic timing is impeccable and most of his jokes succeed in tickling the funny bone. It’s not just comedy, the serious scenes of frustration and jealousy too have been portrayed perfectly by Warsi.To add authenticity, Warsi’s accent of a true Bhopali is a task well done.  Huma Qureshi on the other hand wonderfully plays her part of deceptive seductress. Her accent of Urdu along with her dialogue delivery is precise and she accomplishes her role with utter ease.

It was reported that before the role went to Huma, Asin was offered the part, but she turned it down. With all due respect to everyone, in my view it would have never been Asin’s cup of tea. Speaking fluent Urdu requires a certain set of armory, which in the modern crop of heroines, only Huma seems to have. The role of Muniya was tailor-made for her. Similarly, the role of the Begum too was written exclusively for Dixit. No other actress could have done the role of the Begum with sheer ease and elegance.

The costumes and the real life locations too add authenticity to the plot. Well, you definitely wouldn’t want to see a mushaira taking place in a Karan Johar movie like set. Some things are best kept as they are. Dixit’s attire leaves no stone unturned, in making her look like a true Begum. From the jewelry to the Pathanis worn by the men, everything is perfect. The flurry of shayaris takes one in a completely different world, a world of opulence and flamboyance. The lyrics penned by Gulzar sahab are beautiful and Gulzar sahab once again succeeds in making the current set of lyricists realise that lyrics can be felt beautiful, even without vulgarity.

As a whole the film is a must watch for everyone. And if blokes still don’t like, then they may better watch some masala flick to entertain themselves. On a personal note, I am eagerly awaiting ADHAI ISHQIYA.


  1. It's a very well made movie and your review does full justice to it. I also have a film blog "A Potpourri of Vestiges" where I had reviewed the movie a few days back:

    1. Thanks a lot Murtaza... Will surely catch up with your review... :)