Thursday, 2 January 2014

Movie Review- Dhoom 3

DIRECTOR: Vijay Krishna Acharya

People often say that commencing the New Year by watching a film is an ideal start for the year. But very rarely do they attach the term SPECIAL before the film. 2014 began for me on a bittersweet note. Bittersweet since, my expectations regarding Dhoom 3 came crashing down, after spending three odd hours in the cinema house.

From the very beginning, comparisons of Dhoom 3 were drawn with its predecessors. Dhoom 1 and 2 both have been loved by the audiences; and till date, movie buffs go gaga over them. But dejectedly, the third installment of the Dhoom series fails to recreate the magic of Dhoom and Dhoom 2. Director Vijay Krishna Acharya, best known for a disaster called Tashan, fails to create the excitement, despite shelling out on exotic locations and songs.

Aamir Khan gives his best shot in looking deceptive and cool together, but falls greatly short, of the impact created by Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2. His tap dance is one such instance, but as compared to the Dhoom Again act by Hrithik, it is nowhere in the frame.

The story isn’t that complicated until the suspense is unveiled. The movie starts off with Iqbal Khan (Jackie Shroff) committing suicide, as he is unable to save his circus from the bankers. The bankers in this case have been literally portrayed as evil monsters, hell bent on creating nuisance. His son Sahir, driven by revenge, robs the banks and has a psychological pact with himself, of shutting down the Western Bank of Chicago. On parallel lines, he inaugurates the “GREAT INDIAN CIRCUS”, as a tribute to his father. There we have Katrina Kaif or Aaliya adding glamour by dancing around “like liquid electricity” as said in the film. Enter Jai and Ali (Abhishek and Uday respectively) and you begin losing your interest. Both, so called “top cops” try their best in stopping Sahir, but fail. How Jai and Ali, with the help of Victoria (Tabrett Bethell), try to arrest Sahir forms the crux of the plot.

The scene introducing the characters of Chopra and Bachchan crosses all limits of insanity and stupidity. The way the scene is executed, it makes you wonder that is Dhoom 3 a masala South Indian film or a Bollywood film meant to zap the audience. I just don’t have words to describe the imprudence of the scene. We have Ali being caught by a so portrayed gangster, and then there is Jai, who gets an auto rickshaw, breaking a couple of walls; without any damage to the rickshaw. Both then perform some annoying and dumb stunts, and with one hit, they push away ten people at a time. Their push is so powerful, that the ten guys pushed, fly and fall at least half a mile away. To make it worse, Ali and Jay then sit in the rickshaw, and then almost fly above the slums!!!!!!!!!  
A lady seated behind me in the theatre went on to dedicate a loud “YUCK” for the scene. I too had a similar reaction, but wasn’t that loud.

Another point worth noting is that Abhishek , on three different occasions, gets down from a moving vehicle,  and then walks in slow motion towards the cornered Aamir Khan to arrest him. And we see ego dripping off his face, while he walks in slow motion. And guess what? He miserably fails on all three occasions.

 One baffling aspect in the movie is that none of the robberies have been shown; but just the escapes have been shown. The first half of the film is pretty annoying thanks to Jai and Ali. Uday Chopra leaves no stone unturned in bugging the viewers off, with his “mumbaiyaa” dialogue baazi. Better than watching Uday Chopra in the film, would have been getting my phone out, and reading my messages. I regret that I didn’t do that.

Katrina Kaif is there in the film for barely seven minutes (Luckily) but her dancing skills are worth the watch. She is great as Kamli, which is similar to Crazy Kiya Re. From her dance moves, it is evident that she has put in a lot of hard work and effort. Aamir Khan is fantastic as always and barring his dancing, everything is excellent. But the trump card for the movie lies in its “suspense” character. This character is the one which wins your heart, and makes the second half worth watching. However, a few of my peers, say that this suspense character is highly inspired by the Hollywood flick The Prestige.

The chase sequences are outstanding and the stunts done are worth the price. The stunts get your adrenaline rushing. Spare a thought for the breath taking locations. The location used in the climax blows your mind away and is just so stunning. The film is a high budget one, and that is evident by all aspects. The track Malang is said to be the most expensive song shot till date.

Another significant factor is that, the film promotes the circus, and this might boost the already dying circus industry. Before I went for the movie, there was a joke around, that the film should have been titled Aamir and the 2 Idiots. Now I realise, that was true indeed.

As a whole, the film is disappointing, but the second half is a face saver for the film. 


  1. Very well written Krishna. The movie was a disaster and I have like a 1000 questions to ask the director bt ders one main question here I like to know. How can a guy rob a bank in chicago widout covering his face and never get caught by the chicago police dept?

  2. Thanks for the appreciation.. Glad u liked it.. I too have a few questions for the director.. :D