Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Second Generation- A Drama Script

Raj Chopra - The brash but brainy son and the future director of the Chopra Group of Companies. Stringently believes in Autocratic leadership and is the extreme opposite of his father. In mid twenties, tall, fair

Jay Chopra- The soft-spoken and generous current head of the Chopra Group of Companies. Believes in donating and feels privileged to serve the Almighty. Hence donates large chunks of crisp notes to religious organisations. Considers himself to be secular.


The father and son duo have just reached home after a hectic day at work and are relaxing in their living room, when the son notices something ‘strange’ in their common cheque book.

Raj: Ah! Pretty drained out after today’s work at office.

Jay: Ya Raj. Me too! The past few weeks at office have been excruciatingly grueling for all of us. We have to keep our spirits high and give our best shot to ensure that we crack this deal (business venture) anyhow.

Raj: Once, we crack the deal with the overseas firm, then no one can stop us from hitting the jackpot. And yes, I would prefer to sweat it out in the office rather than a murky situation like RECCESSION hitting us bad. I mean REAL BAD!

(The father has a laugh at his son’s words)

Jay (Laughingly): Ya son, I too would have a similar opinion.

(Raj is glancing at his cheque book when he notices something strange)

Raj (With a frown): Pop, why is our cheque book showing a much lower balance when it actually should show a much higher one?

Jay (Hesitatingly): Let me have a look at it son!

Raj (with a mischievous smug): Showing a lower balance to evade the taxes a-what Pop?

(Giggles a bit at his own joke)

Jay (Reluctantly speaks and divulges): In point of fact Raj, I have donated the ‘missing’ amount to a religious organisation by the name of the ‘Helpers’

(Raj is simply flabbergasted at his father’s act and doesn’t take long to turn red with fuming anger)

Raj (Annoyingly): Oh come on Pop! How could you do it once again! This is so god-damn annoying! We toil and strive like mules everyday and you in a flash donate this large an amount to an unknown and so called ‘RELIGIOUS’ organisation!!!!! 

Raj (continues): How absent-minded can you be dad! This is so damn frustrating!

Jay (calmly): Son please give me a chance to speak.

Raj (Carelessly): Ya dad! Your choice! Go on!

Jay: This organisation helps and protects the needy by giving them the access to basic necessities of life! This comprises of food, shelter, education and clothing!

Raj (with a grim across his face): Whatever Pop!!!!!

Jay: Son this matters a lot as it is a noble and an ethic deed!

Raj (Sarcastically): So you call this a damn noble deed!! These fake organisations just make a mockery of God and just label themselves as religious!

Jay (Arguing) : No son, this one is a trusted organisation and they do really pledge their undying support towards the needy!

Raj: Dad, just don’t interrupt me today! Let me go on!

Raj: On the previous occasion too, you uttered the same god-damn words and donated almost a million to the church and the temple! And oh boy, did they really ‘HELP’ the poor? The answer to that is surely in the negative!!

Jay: Son, donating is just one way of serving Him, the Almighty.

Raj: Oh yes, SERVING!! Dad, let me tell a few facts and the bitter realities of life today! Please give me the consent to go on!

Jay: Go right ahead son!!

Raj: The amount that we clean-heartedly donate to the religious institutes such as churches and temples goes nowhere but just into the already highly inflated pockets of the trustees! These foul trustees are doing nothing but just selling God!

Jay: No son you are wrong! It isn’t like this!

Raj: Then Pop, just answer a few of my questions right now!!

Raj: Why is it that these temple fellas always charge a bomb for their so called ‘Prasad’ or offerings consisting of a sweet?  I guess those sweets are just worth a few bucks!

Raj: Then on top of it they even charge you a really wallet-lightening amount just to make you stand in a so called ‘SPECIAL LINE’. The worst part though is that they even indirectly give you a hint that the ratio of you receiving the Almighty’s blessing is proportional to the amount you donate!

Raj (Sarcastically): I never knew that God would be blessing a man greater, who has donated $10 rather than $5. So dad is even God a businessman?

Jay (Annoyingly): Son, this is enough. You are crossing your boundaries!

Raj (Arguing): No dad, I’m just extending the boundaries and I want to blabber a bit more over this!

Jay (Careless and shrugging his shoulder): Ah blabber on! Give it a go!

Raj: It’s not just the temples which con us, but almost every religious institute, who just portray themselves as holy but are corrupt indeed! Corrupt as hell….

Jay: What-ever!    Prove it! That’s my only point
Raj (Diminishing his eyebrows): Apart from the temples, there are even churches and mosques which resemble similar traits.

Raj: The churches ask us to light candles in His name but how are they of any use to anyone?

(Jay looks extremely flummoxed by his son’s views)

Raj: The candles that we light do nothing but just illuminate the churches rather than illuminating lives.  Instead of lighting candles in churches, it would be a more human deed when the candles illuminate the houses of the vulnerable.

Raj: A similar concept applies for mosques and dargahs. Rather than spreading blankets over a few inches, it would be better if they cover starved bodies of the needy!

Jay (As if to calm his son down): Son why don’t we resume our discussion post dinner.

Raj (After pausing for a few seconds): You know what Pop! This isn’t a bad option either!!!

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